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New styling, new components and new features make the new “REX 4” series a much wider choice of models for all specialist tasks. As well as the three versions for orchards, FSGT, there are numerous variants and options allowing customers to optimize their choice to suit their requirements and ensure low cost of ownership during its working life.  When used for spraying operations, the cab is also available with Protection class 4, guaranteeing total protection for the operator in a pressurized environment monitored by sensors.The innovations also involve the front axle of the F,S and GT versions.

Landini REX


The new Rex series has been completely renovated to offer three different transmissions combined with a variety of trans-axles:

F model (narrow orchard) ideal for work in small-sized orchards.
GE model (low orchard) ideal for work in low orchard plantations.
GT model (large orchard) for use in standard orchards and in open field.

Powerfarm HC

Powerfarm HC

The Powerfarm also offers a high-clearance version (HC) for both the two- and four-wheel drive models. Rotating the rear drop-down final drives and using special front axles and tall, narrow tyres result in higher belly clearance, making this tractor ideal for working in specialty crops such as rice fields and inter-row crops.


Landini is well known throughout the world, with a dominating standing in the Mediterranean area, in central Europe and in the emerging countries. Established way back in 1884, Landini is now known for its reliable, sturdily built products, result of the experience of a long tradition that represents the foundation on which the current innovation process has been based.
The Landini brand has evolved over the years and has faced the future with great dynamism and a far-sighted outlook so as to offer concrete solutions for the farming world. With their aggressive look, modern styling and pioneering technologies, Landini tractors now excel in all power brackets, whether they are for specialist uses in vineyards or orchards, crawler models or designed for open field work with up to 230 HP power ratings.





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