Landini is well known throughout the world, with a dominating standing in the Mediterranean area, in central Europe and in the emerging countries. Established way back in 1884, Landini is now known for its reliable, sturdily built products, result of the experience of a long tradition that represents the foundation on which the current innovation process has been based.
The Landini brand has evolved over the years and has faced the future with great dynamism and a far-sighted outlook so as to offer concrete solutions for the farming world. With their aggressive look, modern styling and pioneering technologies, Landini tractors now excel in all power brackets, whether they are for specialist uses in vineyards or orchards, crawler models or designed for open field work with up to 230 HP power ratings.

The history of Argo Tractors (Landini) – from the very beginning of Giovanni Landini’s creations in 1884 to the modern world of Argo Tractors we see today!

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1884: Giovanni Landini establishes a factory in Fabbrico where wine-making and agricultural machinery are produced

1910: Giovanni Landini builds the first fixed “Hot Bulb” engine.

1925: The first prototype of the first “Hot Bulb” tractor is created: model 25/30.


1934: Production of the Super Landini model, a machine used for extensive land reclaiming works in Italy, begins.

1955: Year in which the L 55 model, the most powerful tractor to be equipped with a Hot Bulb engine, is created.

1957: Landini and Perkins Engines Peterborough sign an agreement for the production of British diesel engines in Italy.

1959: The first Landini crawler tractor is created: model C35.
Massey Ferguson, the Canadian multinational, takes over Landini.

1968: A modern factory where earth moving machines are manufactured is inaugurated in Aprilia. 

1973: Models 6500-7500-8500 become part of the production range, with the revolutionary 12 + 4 gearbox. 

1977: Year in which the Large series is created. 

1982: The first specialised Orchard tractors are produced.

1986: The series of specialist machines is completed with the Vineyard tractor range.

1988: The re-vamped medium power 60-70-80 series with the 24 + 12 gearbox are launched. The Fabbrico plant achieves an absolute sales record: 13,000 machines sold! 

1994: The Morra family acquires majority shares in Landini through the holding company Argo S.p.A.

1995: Landini takes over Valpadana S.p.A., a prestigious name in the small farm machinery industry. The Fabbrico plant celebrates the historic record of 13,000 machines produced. Sales, including the machines manufactured in the S.Martino plant, exceed 14,000 tractors.

1996: The Fabbrico plant’s historic line 2 is replaced with a new assembly line able to double the production output. A new plant for mechanical machining processes, gear manufacturing and for preparing prototype components is built in S.Martino within a record time. 
Important agreements covering technological cooperation, supplies of components and complete tractors are signed between Landini and Iseki.

1997: The newly designed Top and Techno versions of the Legend II range are launched. Production of the Globus range begins in the San Martino plant. The new importer, Landini Iberica, is established in Spain, while the Landini GmbH branch is founded in Germany. Exports exceed 70% of the overall turnover. 

1998: Year in which the Landini Terminal, where finished products are stocked and shipped in compliance with a product conformity and functional Quality Control procedure, is created. Production of the Discovery and Mistral ranges begins. A re-modernization process commences in the company. A new corporate logo is chosen, plus new colours for the tractors, while new stylistic criteria are identified and adopted. 

1999: Production of the Deltasix transmission for high-power tractors begins. Year in which the South African branch, Landini Southern Africa, is inaugurated. 

2000: All the 50 to 100 HP tractor ranges are re-designed. Production of the REX Orchard, REX Vineyard, Mythos, Ghibli, Atlantis and Trekker tractors begins. New branches are opened in Canada, the USA and Australia. 

2001: The Legend series is re-designed and the Legend New Generation version makes its debut. Landini starts manufacturing Quick-link System Pro 400 front loaders, available for the Altlantis, Ghibli and Mythos series.

2002: Launching of the new Vision family projects Landini to the technological top of the 80-100 HP segment.

2003: All the ranges are repowered with Euro 2 engines while the new Rex, Powerfarm, Alpine, Mistral America, Legend TDI and Starland ranges are introduced.  

2004: Landini celebrates its 120th anniversary.

2005: The PowerMaster tractor series becomes part of the production range.

2006: Landini enters the telescopic power lift segment by launching the TTH. 
Other products are also launched, including the Powermax tractor series and the advanced Trackfinder – G3 Satellite Autoguide System, built into the tractors themselves.

2007: Re-organization and modernization of the Fabbrico, Luzzara and San Martino in Rio factories.

2008: The new Powermondial tractor range is launched.

2009: Launch of the new 5 H and 7 SERIES. Restyling of REX, Trekker and Technofarm tractors ranges.

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